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I am a self taught artist residing in Chelmsford, Essex. One of my favourite quotes in life is 'how hard can it be?' . My first commission (won by a chance conversation -"you need artwork for your interior design project - I can do it"), was for a client who only wanted abstract pieces. Easy, I thought. Wrong! That first piece of abstract art saw me up all night (with the help of red bull and a splash of vodka to calm the nerves), unable to down the paint brush until happy with the painting.

I did eventually relax into it and produced something to be proud of. Delivering the first completed piece was nerve wracking but the comments I received were amazing and gave me the belief that indeed I could do this. 17 pieces turned into 72 pieces of art (or canvas to be exact) as the client added more and more to the project.

My inspiration comes from life itself and its ability to send you down many a twisted road - which path to take? Our decisions shape our futures and determine what and who will we meet.

I am inspired by people, and their ability to evoke a plethora of emotions - happiness, calm, well-being, doubt, anger, frustration. All of these emotions are necessary to feel and it is what I seek to achieve with my artwork.

Delia Keddie


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